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Things you need to know about wedding dress alterations

You’ve found the right gown – now make it a perfect fit.

How long do wedding dress alterations take?

Correct timing can be the key in how satisfied you are with the fit of your dress. Get it altered too early and your weight might change before the big day, changing the fit of the dress. Wait until the last minute and you might not have enough time to complete all necessary adjustments. Thankfully we offer an emergency service for such occasions. But on average, our brides come in for 2 or 3 fittings about 12 weeks before their wedding day.

How much do wedding dress alterations cost?

Most, if not all wedding gowns will need some form of alteration and, at the bare minimum, you’ll need a bustle sewn into the back. So best practice is to factor in the cost of alterations when shopping for a dress. Truthfully, alteration costs will vary depending on the work required, but on average brides spend between $75 – $250.

When should wedding dress alterations be done?

It’s best to order your dress at least 12 weeks before your wedding to allow enough time for necessary alterations. We recommend scheduling your final fitting a few weeks before the big day to allow time for final adjustments and tweaks. Your wedding can be a stressful time and you don’t want to worry about your dress. But if you’re having fit issues the day before, we can handle your emergency with same day alterations.

How much can you alter a dress?

Many bridal shops will throw up warning signs around this question, cautioning you that not every dress can be altered and that some cases are hopeless. Maybe hopeless cases do exist, but we haven’t seen one in over 30 years. Just look at how we altered this dress from a size 14 to a size 2.

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